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Ciao my favorite biscuits!

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So when I went to cycle Sicily in 2010, I found myself eating what I called “rice balls” every rest stop my teammates stop at. It was cheap and comforting to eat. It’s one of those foods where you would want to sit down and just enjoy every bite of it. It’s rich in flavor, all that fresh mozzarella packed together. I always looked forward to our breaks every time we cycle and it’s because of these rice balls!
I went to buy a cookbook from Sicily and researched for hours hoping that the would put a real name what I call “rice balls”.I found out that they are called Arancini di Riso or Aracini balls. Also if you searched them online, most of the recipes shows a rounded shape arancini but when I went to Sicily, they have a tear drop shape like the picture above, just throwing it out there!
Ahhhh, I drool every time I think about it. Arancini balls are fried and stuffed risotto/rice balls with cheese. Who wouldn’t like anything that’s FRIED???? The rice balls I found in Sicily usually has different fillings, some just have rice/rissoto and cheese but some has spinach or broccoli. I’ve tried eveyrthing, I believe and my favorite is the plain risotto and cheese. I think since they don’t put any else in it, the flavor focuses on the cheese because here’s more of it. 
Anyway, I have never tried making it because I know it won’t be as good as the once that I had in Sicily. I am also not doubting my skills in cooking…………. I just know it won’t be as good :P I have found a recipe online by my girl, Gaida which I think would be worth for YOU to try,. Yes YOU not me!….I just don’t want to cook it and then most likely get disappointed by it because it wont be as good as the once I had in Sicily. And, I don’t have a deep fryer! perfect excuse….. just let me know how it comes out!
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