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Addis Red Sea- Boston, MA

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There’s a first time for everything right? Well.. this was my first Ethiopian food. If you are new to this, different kinds of stew fish, meat, lamb,chicken , fish or vegetable are served on top of injera, a large sourdough flat bread. You then take a pience of injera and fold some meat or stew of your choice wrap it and eat it using your hands.
I had a great experience. Great music, great food – There’s so much culture at this restaurant. Very authentic. We ordered a little bit of everything. Meat, chicken, fish and vegetable but I preferred the meat and vegetable. 
Want to learn more about Ethopian food? click here.
Rating: ***
Price: $$
Website: Addis Red Sea

One of the best Mexican places I’ve been to. Even though I’ve only been here three times, it is
something I would go back to Boston for. Their guacamole is amazing and made fresh in front of you. I’ve also had their enchaladas and since its usually what I get at a Mexican restaurant, let me tell you that Papagayo’s enchiladas is one of the best I’ve had. I never have left overs!
It is a great place to have a classic margarita especially  after a long day at work
Rating: ****
Price: $$
Website: Papagayo

The Helmand – Cambridge, MA

Helmand is an Afghani restaurant named after Afghanistan’s longest and most important river. Located in East Cambridge, the Helmand Restaurant’s dining room is flanked on one side by a small fireplace, and on the other by a woodburning oven, where the restaurant’s famous flatbread is cooked.
This restaurant is very classy and authentic. I tried their sweet potato, yam for appetizer but I can’t seem to find that on their website anymore. For my main course I had, Lamb Lawand -Leg of Lamb sauteed with onion, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, fresh cilantro, yogurt and spices served with sauteed spinach and challow rice. It was very flavorful and filling ( in a good way).
Rating: ****
Price: $$$
Website: The Helmand Restaurant
The Paramount- South Boston, MA
I probably find myself here almost every weekend morning after a long night. I get their breakfast food and their grilled cheese! I don’t know what they do to their grilled cheese but it’s to die for!I even eat it for breakfast. I’ve tried a lot of their eggs, omelettes that are on their menu and some of their specialty like their fresh banana and caramel french toast.

Rating: ****
Price: $
Website: The paramount 

 Note: Rated up to five *

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