Don't be fooled, it's not a dress!

Because it's a skirt!  This is one of my favorite buys from J.crew because not only it was on sale, I also got tons of compliments. I especially like how I can wear it in an office but I can also dress it up even more and wear it at a wedding. Maybe some pearls??A lot of people thought it's a dress but it's the skirt and the right color that combines together.

Penny is growing very fast. She is not 4 months in this picture. I fee like I've had her for years. She's now much better house trained. Watching Cesar Milan's shows really helps us. 
The one problem with her is that she barks at dog she sees on leashes? Any ideas on how to stop this? Help! 



                                                             Top:  Shell top 

                                       Necklace: J.crew CenterPiece Cluster Necklace 

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