There's a first time for everything - Mezze Game Combat Boots.

Happy Wednesday! It's almost Christmas time and I'm getting excited for everyone in my family to get their presents! I have been busy with new exciting things in life and that's why I haven't posted. One of my followers today has reminded me that I haven't posted and they were right so I put this on quickly and reviewed it. Let me know what you think! 

Vest: I got this best in XS and I think the length is perfect for my height. It's thick enough that it is great for cold weather. This vest is also available in bohemian red, warm bisque and black. Warm bisque is my other favorite color besides this. I happen to get that color also and plan on reviewing it on my next post.

Shirt:  This shirt gets a little itchy so I wear a tank top under it. I like the patch on the elbow because it doesn't get wrinkly when I washed it unlike my other  leather patch from other stores.  This shirt also comes in white but I chose this color because white gets dirtier quickly. 

Shoes: These are my first combat boots ever and they are my favorite! They are comfortable and goes with most of my outfits. I sized down and got a size 6 because I find the 6.5  to be a little too big even though it's the size I usually get.  These are also available in dark grey leather which I also like but  I found it hard to match anything in my closet. I also got these on sale which was a plus. 

Necklace:  These necklace is heavy. I ended up removing it after taking the pictures. The two things I like about this is the shape. It is beautifully done. If you look closely, the stone is purple and it goes great with lighter tops like cream, white or light brown. 


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