Let's Take a Walk, Toms

My main focus of this post is to explain why I like and support TOMS. Not only they offer cool designs and comfortable shoes,  but also when TOMS sells a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes is given to a child in need, and when TOMS sells a pair of eyewear, part of the profit is used to save or restore the eyesight for people in developing countries. I always feels great when I know I'm helping someone in need in anyway weather it's giving directly or through a company. This idea is a good aspect of their marking and their business strategy.

For more information visit, TOMS

About their shoes: Toms shoes are known for their slip on shoes, which happens to be my favorite style.  The price ranges from $48-68 but a couple designs goes up to $124-180, (like this style). Their slip on shoes comes in classic (which is very popular)  biminis and seasonal classics. TOMS shoes runs big. I've had multiple pairs from them and I usually choose a 1/2 size smaller.

The classics are described as:
  • Canvas upper with TOMS toe-stitch, and elastic V for easy on and off
  • TOMS classic suede insole with cushion for comfort
  • Latex arch insert for added support
  • One-piece mixed-rubber outsole for resilience, flexibility and durability 
Besides their slip ons, Toms also makes sandals, wedges, flats, lace ups and boots. I own one of their wedges which is on this post.

Here are my favorites from each category:
Sandals - I've tried these beauties in store and they are so comfortable! They are rated 4.5-5 stars and I totally agree! and it looks great with jeans. They are around $69 or less. Check out their website because some are even on sale right now!

Wedges - My choice can be seen on this post. Their wedges range from $69-130

Flats- I chose the burlap cassandra becuase I think it is perfect for fall. I do not own or have not tried on any of thier flats but if you have, I'd like to know how they are and how they feel on your feet. Thier flats are around $79-84.

Lace-ups- I chose the black canvas women's cordones because I don't think I can pull of the rest of their  lace-ups styles. I also have not tried any of their lace-ups so if you have, please share your feedback on them. I would love to know. Their prices  range from $69-114.

Boots- I chose their Taupe Suade Woven Women's Alpha Boots because their are so unique to me and so out of my comfort zone ( I do not normally wear high tops/ mid thigh boots). I'd like to get them and see how they look with a pair of jeans. They range from $98-120.


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