Blacks and Mustards

1.When purchasing a shirt, I usually go for a brighter, more girly shirt so when I tried this on, I was scared that I was going to look too  'mustardy'. I was wrong. Pairing it with black jeans didn't make the shirt look too much
2. I bought the shirt in XS. If you look closer though, it is sheer, so you do have to put a cami underneath. With a cami, I think it still fits perfectly. Not too tight, not to loose. This shirt is very comfy and light. 
3. I recommend this shirt- The color and material feels and looks great specially for the fall season. 

Scarf: Going through my closet, the scarves I have are all in bright colors. My bright color obsession unfortunately did not work wearing this outfit so I purposely bought this scarf (something I wouldn't buy alone) just for this outfit and I think it looks great! I also think white, burgundy, grey or anything in darker color  will look great.



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