Tiny Floral Piped Shirt Dress

Hi everyone! people have been requesting me to also review the clothes that I wear just like how I review the restaurants I go to.  This is a good idea! From now on, I would like  to share my opinion about my clothes to my viewers  in case they would like to purchase it! 

Dress: I'm 5'0 tall and I got the XS petite size and I think it fits perfectly. The length is perfect for my height.
The one thing I find hard to deal with is the belt that wraps around my waist. I was contemplating between putting it in the front, the side and or the back. I still have not decided what looks best..

Shoes:  They are wicked comfortable BUT I  find it hard to wear them with anything because  I think wedges, in general make my legs look shorter. I got them because they are adorable and comfortable, so comfortable that I could run on them.  I think they look good with skinny jeans but I refuse to wear them with it because agin, my legs will look shorter. So if you're taller, these would be great for you!


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