Terakawa - Philadelphia,PA Restaurant Review

Terakawa, one of my favorite spots to go to in Philadelphia. You really have to come here for their broth. According to the friendly waitress I spoke with, the broth is simmered for two days. I can't describe how good the broth is, you just have to go their and taste yourself. It is very authentic. I enjoy ramen and out of all that I tasted, this is by far the best broth I have ever had. It's super tasty, the color says it all. It's not clear like what you usually find. It's just refreshing specially on a rainy day. The place is tiny but it is warm and cozy but since it is in the city, it is difficult to find parking so make sure you plan ahead. 

Another thing that is a plus in this place are their workers. They are friendly and always have a smile on their faces. Their bathroom is also a plus. I think that a restaurant with a clean bathroom shows a lot about the restaurant. Even though their place is small, they manage to keep everything clean. 

Now that we moved outside the city, we crave to have some ramen fromTerakawa more often. I wish they would open more branches. 

This is another of their dish that WE always order. Pork buns. It is slowly roasted pork with crisp butter leaf lettuce over cured tomato and spicy mayo. We always get the steamed buns because I think it works better with the meat than the crispy buns. The taste of the pork really shows. Getting crispy buns will just be too much but steamed buns makes me want more and more of it.  

Gyoza- pan fried, marinated pork and vegetable dumplings, served with special house dumpling sauce. It is not my favorite. There's nothing special to it. It taste the same just like the other Gyoza I had. 

Shoyu Ramen - I have tasted three of their ramen and this is my favorite. I always choose pork over chicken because pork taste better. It has a lilt bit of fat in the end but that makes it good and tasty. 

Shoyu Ramen- Light soy sauce and chicken broth with choice of roast pork (my favorite) or chicken, topped with bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, chopped scallions, fish cake and a seasoned broiled egg.

Miso Ramen - This is what Mitchell gets every time we go there. I personally prefer the Shoyu than this. 

Miso Ramen- chicken and pork miso soup, topped iwth bamboo shoots, roast pork (charshu), bean sprouts, chopped scallions, kikurage mushroom and a seasoned boiled egg.
It is $7 for a small and $9 for a large. I think that small is perfect for one person unless you want to take some home, order large if so. There's not much difference between their small and large bowl in my opinion. 

Website: Terakawa

Rating: ***** - Five stars
Price: $

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  1. Yum, food looks so good! I'll have to check out this spot when I'm in Philly next.


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