Cords and Chambs

Before our  Philadelphia Zoo pass expires, we decided to go one last time. We came here so many times that we got to meet a lot of the keepers and animals. If you are ever in Philadelphia, America's first zoo is worth a visit.

Shirt: I like this shirt  a lot! It matches well with colored pants. The only problem I have here is that I got an xs and I still find it a little lose on me.

Pants: Corduroys  are great to wear during the fall. It's warm enough to wear when it's a bit chilly outside. It is a must have pair in the fall!

Bag:This is my to go to purse. The leather doesn't feel heavy on my shoulders. It has detachable adjustable crossbody strap which is great. It is my favorite every day bag!

Aviators: This Tiffany's & Co. aviator match a lot of my outfits which is the reason why  you see it on my blog all the time!

Meet Ms. Goldilocks - The Polar Bear


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