Pan Seared Scallops with sweet corn, portabello mushroom and spinach

The last time I got scallops, we spent $30 on the dish. I decided to recreate the dish we got at Xaviars and we found that it is much cheaper to make it.  We ended up spending $10 dollars a person .  It is healthful and an affordable dish that you can enjoy even during a work night.  This dish is full of flavor and a lot of love! Your hubby will want seconds! I ended up not taking picture of the step by step process, having three pans out at the same time, became messy.

Serves 2
8 fresh scallops
1 can of sweet corn
1 small bag of spinach
1 8 oz portabello mushroom
1/4 cup cream
3 tablespoons sherry wine 
pinch of paprika

This dish takes a lot of multi-tasking. It also takes a lot of space in your kitchen. 
Take a pan, and 2 medium sized sauce pan

1. empty can of sweet corn in one sauce pan (not drained) simmer for about 5 minute. Add cream, sherry wine, salt and pepper (season as you like). Add the spinach. Reduce the liquid to about 1/8. About 15 minutes. By this time, the corn and spinach have soaked up all the cream and sherry wine. 
2. Cook mushroom in another pan. Get rid of the water from cooking. You don't want watery mushroom. Drain mushroom well.
3. Mix the sweetcorn, spinach and mushroom and set aside. Adjust seasoning. 
4. Heat olive oil in a pan. Wait until the pan is very hot. 
5. Cook scallops 1 1/2 minutes on each side. 
6. On a plate. Place the vegetable on the plate. Place 4 scallops on top of the vegetables.
7. Sprinkle some paprika on top of scallops. 

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