Pan Seared Scallops with sweet corn, portabello mushroom and spinach

The last time I got scallops, we spent $30 on the dish. I decided to recreate the dish we got at Xaviars and we found that it is much cheaper to make it.  We ended up spending $10 dollars a person .  It is healthful and an affordable dish that you can enjoy even during a work night.  This dish is full of flavor and a lot of love! Your hubby will want seconds! I ended up not taking picture of the step by step process, having three pans out at the same time, became messy.

Serves 2
8 fresh scallops
1 can of sweet corn
1 small bag of spinach
1 8 oz portabello mushroom
1/4 cup cream
3 tablespoons sherry wine 
pinch of paprika

This dish takes a lot of multi-tasking. It also takes a lot of space in your kitchen. 
Take a pan, and 2 medium sized sauce pan

1. empty can of sweet corn in one sauce pan (not drained) simmer for about 5 minute. Add cream, sherry wine, salt and pepper (season as you like). Add the spinach. Reduce the liquid to about 1/8. About 15 minutes. By this time, the corn and spinach have soaked up all the cream and sherry wine. 
2. Cook mushroom in another pan. Get rid of the water from cooking. You don't want watery mushroom. Drain mushroom well.
3. Mix the sweetcorn, spinach and mushroom and set aside. Adjust seasoning. 
4. Heat olive oil in a pan. Wait until the pan is very hot. 
5. Cook scallops 1 1/2 minutes on each side. 
6. On a plate. Place the vegetable on the plate. Place 4 scallops on top of the vegetables.
7. Sprinkle some paprika on top of scallops. 

Flared Surf Skirt

Summer is almost over and I'm trying to wear all my skirts/dresses and shorts for the last time before I put them away. I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend!


I'm not a big fan of flared skirts but this definitely works for me. It has the perfect length for my height and the material is great.  I give it 4.5 out of 5.



We went to Redstone in Plymouth Meeting, PA to try out their food. After ordering a couple of their appetizers and their famous canyon flat bread, I am giving this restaurant  ** stars because of two reasons.

1. Their service was very slow. There were not a lot of people at the restaurant during the time we went yet their food took 45 minutes to arrive.
2. We ordered what the waiter recommended, the short rib flatbread and it was not impressive at all. It was bland and dry. The flatbread also arrived to our table, cold. Unfortunately, this will be the first and last visit at Redstone.

I didn't want to post of the pictures I took because it looks unappetizing. 


**  - Rating
$$$ - Price (too expensive compare to the food quality )


Hat: Nordstrom - Straw Fedora Hat Juniors 
Dress: Anthropologie Descanso Dress
Sandals: Lucky Brand - Filomena Flat , Bloomingdales. 
Bag: Cole Haan Satchell - Village Double Zip

Maine Lobster Stew

This past month has been very busy for me. Moving to a new apartment, visiting family and traveling have filled up all my free time.  I will finally be posting a lot again this coming month. Look out for tons of new recipes, starting with this one! As promised in this post, I wanted to recreate the lobster stew I had this summer on the Maine coast.  I was able to whip up a similar lobster stew to the one we ate at  J.R Maxwell and Co. Family Restaurant. It came out just as good, if not better!

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

Two 1-pound lobsters (I used 1.25 lb)
4 Tbsp salted butter
1/2-2/3 cup dry sherry 
2 cups whole milk
1 cup cream
2/3 cup lobster juice
1 dash cayenne
4 dash paprika 
1/2-1 Tsp salt (or to taste)
1/2 tsp ground pepper
8 oz. mushrooms (optional), chanterelle preferred

1.  Steam lobsters for 12 minutes, save 2/3 cup of the remaining lobster water (lots of flavor here), remove and shell tail, claw and elbow meat.  Chunk meat into bite sized pieces (remember to remove waste tract from the tail!).  Save a few large pieces of shell.

2.  Simmer saved shells in butter, on low-medium (don't burn butter), add optional mushrooms to sauté.  Cook 10 min.  Without mushrooms, this will give the butter a bright orange color form the shells!

3. Remove shells, add lobster juice and sherry.  Add cream, milk, salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne.  Bring heat to medium.

4.  After stew if fully heated, taste it.  Add extra sherry or salt in small increments until desired flavor strength is met.  Once met, add lobster meat and cook another 2 minutes.

5. Serve with your favorite crackers and buttered bread for dipping.  Garnish each full crock with a final dash of ground pepper and fresh parsley.

6.  Enjoy this very rich stew - it is incredibly filling!
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