Summer Dresses Had Me A Blast!

 Hello Biscuits! I've gone for almost a week without blogging, that bothered me a lot! I was traveling and didn't have my computer with me. This week I celebrated my 25th birthday. Yes, I'm half a century young but definitely look younger than my age :) Looking young is ok except when bartenders doubt I'm older than 21 years old. I decided to wear a bright colored dress on my birthday, I think I'll make it a tradition because I believe happy colors = happy life. I dressed as bright as I could for my birthday hoping for a colorful and vibrant year. Thanks to Beth Bowley for having such a wonderful clothing line.

Dress: Anthropologie - Azure Scroll Dress: 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban - Wayfarer Brown
Sandals: Lucky Brand - Filomena Flat , Bloomingdales. 
Bag: Cole Haan Satchell - Village Double Zip


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