Show me your fedora!

Fedoras have been very popular this summer. Although I don't wear them too often,  I still think they are so darn cute. I have been traveling to NY every weekend to visit my parents and, as much as I love visiting them, I am glad that I will get to relax on my couch. 

Shirt: Brooks Brothers - Sleeveless Silk Pleated Blouse 
Skirt: J.crew - Linen Cotton Mini 
Shoes: Tory Burch - Macy Wedge Espadrille Sandal 
Hat: Nordstrom - Straw Fedora Hat Juniors 
Belt: Lauren by Ralph Lauren - 2 5/8" Stretch Jute w/ Centerbar Buckle

They said Barbie @ Percy's

Philadelphia Magic Garden

 c/o Google Image 

 c/o Google Image 

One of our favorite weekend restaurants here in Philly! Servers are friendly and the food is delicious. Their brisket is on of their best!
They have a pretty small menu, which I like. You can taste a little bit of everything when you order "The Lockhart" which cost $19.50 per person and it includes brisket, chicken and pulled pork with sides of potato salad, collard greens, pinto beans and coleslaw. The amount and taste of food is worth the price.  The only problem with this restaurant is finding a parking spot and it can be busy, so make sure to make reservations before going. 

We've also have gone there to just eat appetizers. We always get their deviled eggs and BBQ fries. Their BBQ fries are awesome. I love how they put chopped brisket on top.  It's definitely an introduction to the whole menu. 

Two blocks down the street, you will see the famous Philadelphia Magic Garden, a mosaicked visionary art environment, gallery, and community arts center. 


Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs

I make this dish probably once or twice a month. It's super easy! You can also try baking the meatballs to make them a little more healthful but I think that dries them out.  I would have made my own sauce, but again, this is a recipe for work days, so I try to make it as convinient as possible. Let me know what you think!  

1 lb. lean ground turkey
3 garlic cloves, minced
1/4 cup onion, finely chopped
1/4 cup parsley, chopped
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 pepper
1/2 oregano
1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup dry breadcrumbs
1 box whole wheat pasta
1 jar of your favorite sauce or homemade sauce

1. Mix all ingredients except for pasta and put in the fridge.
2. Boil water and cook pasta as directed. Drain and drizzle olive oil. Set aside.
3. Shape the mixed ingredients into 30 meatballs.  
4. Oil a pan and cook each meatballs for 5-6 minutes or until cooked through and nicely brown on the outside. 
5. Combine and heat pasta, meatballs and sauce together. 
Serve with parmesan cheese. 

Popham Beach Maine

Our yearly tradition is going to Popham beach in Maine. Can't wait to be back again this year! My favorite part is visiting the island and the restaurants. We go to J.R Maxwell and Co. Family Restaurant to order our favorite dish: Lobster Stew. Mitchell wants to recreate the stew, so when he does, you'll definitely see the recipe on my blog. If it's low tide, you can go out to the island. I've always wanted to camp out to the island and stay there for a night. Maybe, I'll break some rules and do it the next time we go. The beach is basically empty by 4:00 P.M. just the about the time we arrived. Although it can get a little chilly, you can't beat the privacy.


Grandma's Chicken Curry Pot Pie

This recipe is from Mitchell's grammy! Thanks Grammy for making great food when we come visit! There is always something good to eat when we visit. This recipe happens to also be one of Mitchell's favorites. It is easy to make and a great comfort food. I tried using pie crust at first but I found it wasn't enough. When I tried using biscuits,  it soaked up a lot of the sauce, which I prefer. I also used one can of cream of mushroom instead of two. Again, it's what you prefer. If you want more sauce, use 2 cans of cream of mushroom and use pie crust instead of biscuits.  Mitchell loves this so much that he gets two servings when I make it!

3 cups cubed - cooked chicken
1 cup green peas
2 tablespoon diced pimiento
1 or 2 (Depending if you want a lot of sauce) cans (10 1/2) ounces each) condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 cup milk or chicken stock
3 1/2  teaspoon curry powder
Unbaked pastry or biscuits

Preheat oven to (425)
1. Salt and pepper chicken. Put 1 teaspoon of the 3 1/2 curry powder.
2. Drain the chicken.
3. Combine all ingredients with the chicken except the pastry. Heat, do not boil.
4. Turn into a casserole. I used an 8'' square casserole
5A. Top with pastry. Rolled 1/8 inch thick. Cut a gash in top of pastry to allow for the escape of steam.
5B. If using biscuits cook the biscuits half way through separately.
6. Put the casserole in the preheated and bake for
* Using pie crust - 20 minutes then wrap thin aluminum foil strip of each side cover 1 inch of the pie's side.
*Using biscuits - Bake for 20 minutes without the biscuits. Put the biscuits on top and bake for another 10 minutes.

Summer Dresses Had Me A Blast!

 Hello Biscuits! I've gone for almost a week without blogging, that bothered me a lot! I was traveling and didn't have my computer with me. This week I celebrated my 25th birthday. Yes, I'm half a century young but definitely look younger than my age :) Looking young is ok except when bartenders doubt I'm older than 21 years old. I decided to wear a bright colored dress on my birthday, I think I'll make it a tradition because I believe happy colors = happy life. I dressed as bright as I could for my birthday hoping for a colorful and vibrant year. Thanks to Beth Bowley for having such a wonderful clothing line.

Dress: Anthropologie - Azure Scroll Dress: 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban - Wayfarer Brown
Sandals: Lucky Brand - Filomena Flat , Bloomingdales. 
Bag: Cole Haan Satchell - Village Double Zip

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