Throwback Thursday - My first fashion feature from a newspaper

Throwback Thursday! This is my first feature from a newspaper detailing my clothing.  Although I wish I was a little more put together than I was, it was a great day, here's why: this was back in 2012 a couple of months before my big move to Boston. I have just graduated college and I needed a job for a couple of months before the move.  I applied to retail stores (ones that sold the clothes I liked). Walking through Tice's corner a couple of weeks before this was taken, I noticed that Athleta was opening a branch there. Even though I'm a bigger fan of lululemon, I coudn't resist the chance. I was tempted to apply, so I did.

Since I had just graduated college I was excited to dress up for an interview. I was too excited by the fact that I get to dress up for an interview too-- so excited I forgot what I was applying for.... a sales associate position. Well... as I walked in to meet the manager, she gave me a look like "why are you dressed like a corporate assistant for a sales job." As I noticed her giving me this look I realized how stupid I was for wearing a TOO  professional looking outfit.  I ignored the mistake and walked in with confidence thinking in my head "I look good and it's better to dress up than down." One of the first questions she asked me was if I really wanted the job. The answer was yes. I needed the money!

My big moment:
After leaving the interview I though back on the answers I'd given and what I could have done better.  Just then, a woman walked up to me and and asked if she could take my picture for an article she was writing.  I had to ask her to repeat herself because I was still running over the interview in my head.  It turned out she worked for a news paper and was writing an article about fashion. My frowning face from the interview became a smiley face. I posed and thought to myself "at least this outfit came in handy somehow."  I was so happy that I got my outfit taken for the fashion page on a newspaper.

Of course I didn't get the job at Altheta, but I did get a lot of compliments from my outfit :) THAT was more important to me. I ended up getting a job at a summer camp which I ended up enjoying much more anyway!

To view the article: Click here 


1. Shirt: J.crew Striking White Purple Button Down (Sold here (in dress)
2. Pants: Loft Structured Linnen Trouser (sold here
3. Shoes: Charles David Toe Pumps Snake Skin (Sold here, similar)


1. Bag: Longchamp Medium Pliage Tote: (Sold here)
2. Belt: Metal Keeper Patent Skinny Belt: (similar

Since I wasn't fully happy with the outfit I worn originally, this is how I would wear it today.

Shirt: J.crew Striking White Purple Button Down (Sold here (in dress)
Pants: GAP- Slim cropped pants (in tan color) (sold here,similar)
Shoes: Michael Kors (30%) - (sold at the following retailers stores (L&T)(Nordstrom) (Zappos)(Macy's), 

Necklace: J.crew - Multistrand pearls (sold here, similar,similar) 
Belt: Ann Taylor - Tortoiseshell Shell Trim Leather Belt  (sold here, another favorite)
Bag: Ann Taylor -snake skin (similar, another Ann Taylor favorite (belted foldover snake bag))

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