Scalloped shift dress and my love for cotton candy

I wore this dress during my nephew's first birthday party (Circus themed party) how exciting! I like how comfortable it feels wearing it. I was able to run around to take pictures (lots of pictures), entertain guests AND make tons of cotton candy! His party made me feel like I'm a kid again!

5 reasons why this is one of my favorite dress. 
1. Appropriate for work/everyday dress/class
2. I can dress it down by wearing sandals
 3. I can dress it up like how I'm wearing it in the picture. 
4. It's not too tight/ not too loose. It fits perfectly and slimming
5. It's looks simple and classy



Dress: Scalloped Shift Dress - J.crew (sold here,similar (LOFT)
also available in color: Bright Poppy ( My other favorite color) , Chrome Green, Pale Citrus (on sale))

Michael Kors - (sold here (Lord and Taylor), Sold here (Zappos), (Macy's
Outfit also seen here: Red/White Friday 
Necklace: Crystal Floral Burst Necklace - J.crew  in Neon Pink (sold here, similar (cheaper))
Sunglasses: Tiffany & Co. (sold here). Sunglasses also seen here: Polka dots/Gold accessories 

Cotton Candy 
A cotton candy machine that's usually rented for a birthday party (click here for picture)  usually cost around $500 however if you want something that is smaller and more affordable, you can buy it for around $50 (click here)  to $200  (click here)

You can use Cotton Candy Sugar that can be purchase at a party store, or it comes with the machine when you first buy it (click here) OR you can use Kool Aid
mix your favorite kool aid flavor with plain sugar to make your cotton candy. 

As you use your machine, you will find your sugar having a tendency to fling everywhere. (Trust me, it hurts!) Try holding some newspaper over the top for a few seconds after turning the machine on wait until the machine got up to a full speed. 

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