My Necklace Collection

I use a belt hanger, (sold here) to organize my necklaces. It prevents everything from tangling and it separate all the necklaces enough that you're able to see everything that you hang. You will see on the first  pictures all my necklaces  that I have and on the last 2, I have highlighted and numbered my favorite necklaces from my collection. 
Happy happy Friday!   




1.  Nordstrom - Green white necklace - Similar

2. J.crew - Gold Plated Chain- Similar. Necklace featured in this outfit.

3. J.crew- Brass Plated Crystal Necklace - Sold here 

4. Lilly Pulitzer - Lucky Medallion Necklace - Sold here . Necklace featured here.

5. J.crew - Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace  -Sold here,  similar . Necklace featured in this outfit.

6. J.crew- Crystal Floral Burst Necklace - Sold here. Necklace featured in this outfit.

7. J.crew- Translucent Stone Necklace - Sold here

8.J.crew - Stone Fan Necklace - Sold here

9. LOFT- Mutli colored pastel necklace - similar . Necklace featured in this outfit.

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